2007 35th Davenport Central High School Reunion 3: The Boys

Who: Here's the guys I can remember at the reunion (approx. left to right). Apologies to those I didn't recall.
  • Tim O'Connor (black shirt, white pants, hand in pocket)
  • Chris Gwen (black shirt, white pants, holding beer)
  • Bob Deverman (pale blue shirt, mustache, in back)
  • Wayne Guinee (red and white striped polo shirt)
  • Kevin Martin (just a bit of his head, to right of Wayne)
  • Tom Stopulos (pink shirt, grey pants, in front)
  • Charles (white shirt, glasses, in back)
  • Jim Jensen (Hawaiian shirt, white pants, in back)
  • Jeff Ashford (blue shirt, white pants)
  • Where: Clarion Hotel, Davenport, IA
    When: August, 2007