Arturia Analog Factory

Arturia specializes in software that emulate vintage analog synthesizers. Analog Factory combines elements from the following Arturia soft synths into a hybrid instrument.

Analog Factory has presets from these soft synths with a limited amount of control over four elements for each preset. For example, the Modular V ELECTR_GUITAR preset shown in the screenshot allows control over the amount of FM1 Filter 1, the attack time of Envelope 1, the decay time of Envelope 1, and the sustain level of Envelope 1. All of the other settings for this preset are hidden. Consequently, you have a lot less control over the sounds of this synth than other soft synths. In fact, for a number of presets it seems like even these limited controls don't have much of an effect.

Analog Factory also has knobs for additional components that modify the presets, including a filter (cutoff frequence and resonance), a low frequency oscillator (LFO), two effects (chorus and delay), and sliders for the ADSR (Attack/Delay/Sustain/Release) envelope. There is a Level knob for volume, octave controls, wheels for pitch blend and modulation, and a keyboard that can be played by the mouse.

The full price version 2.5 of Analog Factory has 3500 presets, while the free demo version I've been using is limited to 137 presets and the Jupiter-8 and Prophet emulation is disabled. Presets are organized by the emulated instrument, the preset type, and its characteristics. I find the types to be most useful:

Arturia sells a package (Analog Factory Experience) that bundles the software with a real 25-key velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard that looks exactly like displayed keyboard, with the same knobs and such. They also have another package in the works (Analog Factory Laboratory) with a 49-key MIDI keyboard with velocity and after-touch (pressure on the key can effect the sound).