1994 Kauai

Who: Anita and Charles
Where: Kauai, HI
When: May, 1994
Comment: Our first time to Kauai, Anita's favorite Hawaiian island. I had mistakenly thought this would be a relaxing, low-key Hawaiian vacation because there just couldn't be as many things to do as there was on Maui. Wrong - the helicopter tour, the Zodiac boat trip, hiking, driving, snorkeling, beaches, finding the Lappert's ice cream store, and so on.


This is literally the end of the Awaawapuhi Trail in Koke'e State Park on the western side of the island. The trail drops off into a hanging canyon which then drops off into the ocean.

We saw this thing in the middle of the Awaawapuhi Trail. I assume it's some kind of fungus, but it looks like someone glued a bunch of crab claws together with mud. If anyone knows what this is, send Charles an e-mail.

The view of the Kalalau Valley from the lookout at Koke'e State Park. When we got there it was completely obscured by mist. After waiting some time we were about to give up and leave and the mists parted. As close a view of paradise as I'm likely to see in this life.