1997 Ventana Backpacking

Who: Charles, Bob Joslin, Rus Richter, Tim and Lisa Teske, Dave Poeschel, Liz Tam, Maddie and Fulton
Where: Ventana Wilderness, CA
When: September, 1997
Comment: Much the same group and same place as in the previous year - two dogs this time. This trip occurred during one of the most memorable events of the late 20th century: One morning Bob announced in a loud voice, "Princess Diana is dead". He had heard the news on a radio he had brought. The other memorable thing was on the hike out we passed a rattlesnack next to the trail. The trail was narrow and constrained by brush on both sides, so each of us had to walk right past the snake. Dave had to carry both of the dogs, so he had to pass the snake five times.