2003 Oregon

Who: Anita, Charles, and Ray
Where: Mt. Shasta, CA and Eugene, OR
When: June, 2003
Comment: We took a rode trip to Eugene to visit our friends Ray and Anne-Marie Holmes, who have gone on a number of Vision Quests with Anita. Ray and Anne-Marie live on a wonderful five acres a few miles outside of Eugene, which they have enhanced with many spiritual art objects and a yurt. On our way up and back we stopped overnight at the Mt. Shasta Ranch Bed and Breakfast. This was Charles first view of Shasta, which is truly impressive. Unfortunately, all of the pictures he took of the mountain failed to turn out because of camera problems. (Anita said Shasta just didn't want to be photographed.)


Ray and Ray in a meadow next to the Holmes house

Black Butte from the north. Black Butte is a smaller volcano a few miles east of Mt. Shasta.