2003 Washington

Who: Anita and Charles
Where: Union, WA
When: November, 2003
Comment: We have long been considering moving out of the Bay Area to somewhere more affordable, where we could have some land. We had mostly considered other areas in California, but a friend suggested a town in Washington named Sequim (pronounced skwim). Sequim is on the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula and since it is in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains it gets a lot less rain than usual for Washington. Its boosters actually claim that it is sunny. So we decided to check it out over Thanksgiving 2003. We stayed in a timeshare condo in the hamlet of Union on the south end of the Hood Canal, which was 50 miles south of Sequim. We thought the area was beautiful -- interlaced with waterways and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. And the weather was better than we expected for winter. So we thought Sequim was worth another look.


Hood Canal with the snow covered Olympic Mountains in the background. It's not raining!