2007 Davenport

Who: Anita and Charles
Where: Davenport, IA
When: July 28-August 5, 2007
Comment: We went back to Davenport for a family reunion and Chas' 35th High School School Reunion. While there we went out on the Mississippi on Kathi and Dale's houseboat, visited Julia and Jose's home in Park View, and saw the Quad Cities Botantical Center. For family pictures see here and here. For pictures from the class reunion, see here, here, and here.


Kathi and Dale's Houseboat

Kathi and Steve

Julia with her kids Caden and Kyler and a neighbor boy.

Dale driving the boat

Andrea, Teri, Anita, Kathi and Mom on the back deck

Julia and Jose's House

Chad holding Jordan and Jose

Shueree, Kathi, and Julia

Jose and Julia

Teri and Andrea

Quad Cities Botanical Center

The Conservatory

Mom and Anita