2008 Davenport

Who: Anita and Charles
Where: Davenport, IA
When: August 12-19, 2008
Comment: Mom Knouse turned 90 in August, 2008, and we all gathered in Iowa to celebrate this milestone. We stayed at Kathi and Dale's new home in Park View, about 10 miles from Davenport. We also visited Chad and Shueree's new home in Princeton. For Mom's 90th birthday we had a party at Ridgecrest Village, where Mom now lives. For a family picture from that party, see here.


Kathi and Dale's House



Newly emerged cicada. Cicadas were constantly singing during the day.

Chad and Shueree's House

Chad holding Jordan and Steve downstairs

Anita, Shueree, Mom, and Jose downstairs

Chad, Anita, Julia, Steve, and Jose in the kitchen

Backyard playset

Mom's 90th Birthday Party

Chas pinning the corsage onto Mom.

Bud and Jane Voss with Mom. The Vosses were active in Boy Scouts with the Knouses back in the 1960s-70s.

Bonnie Gunther with Mom. Bonnie's family was also in Boy Scouts with Chas. More recently Bonnie and Mom have gone on some seniors trips.